I've been talking with, now over 100's of successful Steelike concrete sealing system installers. Their feedback is priceless.



Wooster Micro Plush Roller Cover # RR314-6½”


Chapin Hand Held Pump Spray Bottle #1002 48oz. Red Top (REMOVE THE INLINE FILTER)


OPTIONAL: Wooster High Density Foam Roller Cover RR308-6.5 J-Koter (When two people are applying see below)


1) Begin by weighing out the amount of the different parts of the Steelike Sealing System.


1a) Always add part A to B, mix for 1 minute with the included large Popsicle stick and move aside.


2)  Immediately add part D to part C and blend thoroughly. (Less than 30 seconds).


3) Combine everything together while mixing, and stir for 1 additional minute MAX.


4) Stir in 10 -20% water by weight of PART C. Example: Gloss and Satin’s part C weighs 135 Grams so you would be adding 13-27 grams of water.  NOTE: Start at 10% and increase if you find you need more working time.  The water simply keeps the sealer from flashing off before you have time to remove the football/basketball texture you want to have when first applying to insure the proper thickness of sealer.  Don’t worry, you’ll be removing said texture during the back rolling phase to come.


5) While stirring, pour everything into the Chapin Spray Bottle and pump until you cannot pump with one finger.


6) Pick one spot approximately 2-3 square feet to begin applying. Always swirl the pump bottle while and before spraying…keep it moving.  Begin spraying while rolling this small area until the roller’s thirst is quenched.  This means the roller is no longer absorbing sealer and is beginning to push/spread sealer around versus removing it.


7) Once the roller is wet enough, continue spraying while rolling across your piece until the entire piece is uniformally wet and the color has popped the same.  It may look like a very thin layer of skim milk but not heavy cream.


8) At this point you should see a little football/basketball texture.  This means you have enough product down.


9) BACKROLLING: Take the same roller and roll off excess sealer onto a flat micro cloth or extremely lint free cloth. Now go back to your piece and begin back rolling in long strokes first length wise and then front to back.  Again roll excess sealer that you are picking up with the roller onto the cloth. The more you back roll the less pressure you will be applying until your last roll which will just be the weight of the roller itself.


10) Your done, do not try to pick out hair, a bug or reroll any small shallow roller lines.  If you applied it as described above any roller lines will go away the next day.


11) Place a low velocity fan as to create a slow moving blanket of air OVER the piece not blasting air ON the piece.


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