Okay, so everything is falling into place. Updates will be coming in fast.

There are 50 bag/ kits on a pallet.

The Steelike Mix is currently being offered for $58 each.  Please know that is a premium product which reduces 95% of post production.

   This bag kit includes 40lbs.(or slightly more) of the highly sheared and blended mix design, the correct amount of HRWR/SP and a 3.3% packaged dose of the required METAL fibers. These METAL fibers will be proportionally packaged for orders over a pallet.


What is an example of what I make with one kit without any volume discounts?


Example #1

   You could make a giant oversized 4 foot by 4 foot x 1/4" (16 Square foot tile),  for $104.16 and that would be with a 10% dose 4.4lbs. or $24.20 of the optional metal fibers incorporated. I've researched said tiles in the states and on average they sell for $27 to $47 per square foot, are only available in porcelain, require the floor to be absolutely level (or they crack) and have limited color choices available. Once more currently they are primarily available only from Italy and range in price from $432 to over $752 each. And the average maximum size available is 30" x 30". Do a search for giant wall panels also and you'll see the potential here as well. Again, I'm basing the above price on you buying a 1 bag kit with no volume discounts. The tile without the metal fibers would cost $79.00

Example #2 using two bucket kits:

    If you made a 4' x 8' x let's say 1/2" thick tile, it would weigh about 160 pounds. Require about 4 buckets or $300(assuming no bulk discount, would only require a 2% metal fiber load or 3.6 pounds, which is $19.80. So, $316 retail for the mix + $19.80= $335.80 for the materials.

$10.49 per square foot... not bad for a 32 square foot concrete panel.



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