Introducing Steelike Concerete Sealers 


Welcome to a new hybrid part reactive and part water based polyurenthane concrtee sealing system named Steelike.


This hybrid system has a M.S.R.P. of $127 for the Satin and Gloss finish and $135 for the Stealth/Matte finish. Discounts for volume.


At this time it is being sold for $70 per kit.


No sealing system is perfect, all of us know that, but I've spent the past 8 years looking for and creating the best system available with today's chemistry.


This is not just another repackaged "me too" sealing system. Infact it was specifically designed originally for my Steelike Concrtete Mix Design after I could not find an existing sealer that would do the trick.  First a sealing system needed to achieve a 100% bond, next it had to be indoor and outdoor, stain resistant and very abrasion resistant.   I tried them all and have a closet full of samples to show for it.  Many manufactures claimed indoor and outdoor but sample works left outside for over a year proved said claims to not be valid.


So what does Steelike do that is different than the others?


1) 100% bond to Seelike and most high density mix designs, infact it bonds 100% to a glazed porcelain plate.

2) UV Stable and indoor outdoor

3) Rediculous abrasion resistance. (See videes)

4) Intense stain resistance. (See videos)

5) Field repairable

6) In most cases Steelike can be apllied over prepare existing or failing sealers.* Try on sample area first.

7) Contains reactive chemistry. With new concrete crystals are formed just under the surface.

8) Contains a water based polyurethane system that works wether or not the reactive has free lime to react with.

9) Considering that the sealer is your first line of defense of a staining agent or abrasive attack, the Steelike Sealing System generally represents less than 4% of your square footage cost.








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