This is the original just-add-water UHPC mix design.

This is the original just-add-water U.H.P.C. mix design.

A.S.T.M. testing, at 70 degrees F, netted average compression test results of 24,000 p.s.i.

These same test averaged 2400 p.s.i. flexural results.

If mixed and apllied correctly this mix will require just about no post production for there will be no cream to remove.

No acid washing required eliminating hours of post production.

If you want to slurrie, just use the same mix.

My mix mimics the surface it's poured on. To demostrate this I made the first playable concrete record in recorded history.

So if you want a pre-polished finish, pour on a polished surface such as granite, formica or glass.

Because of shipping cost I recommend ordering 1 or 2 bags through my store only.

For any quantity larger, please contact me directly as to obtain any volume discounts and reduced shipping cost.


The best protocol when pouring flat pieces.

I've been tweaking the procedure for years and this has netted thr best results by far. I have 100's of square feet out there where I just poured everything with the fibers added,

as I still do with 3 dimensional moulds, but for flat pieces I've been experimenting and find this the best method.



Here's the protocol.

Mix everything but don't add the metal fibers.

Pour just enough to cover the surface. 1/8"ish

Back roll just a little to assure the surface is covered.


Now add all the fibres to the remaining mix and fill your form to the rim.


Back roll just a little to lay down any fibers sticking up only.. do not over roll.


Tent etc. Without letting the plastic or foam touch the wet mix.

A little heat speeds things up a lot.


After a few hours, when firm.. place the plastic directly on the clay like concrete and heating and moving blankets if you have.


That's it.


For 3 dimensional molds just add all fibers up front.





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