Steelike   Concrete Mix Design

Steelike    Metal Fibres


Mix comes with  3/4" custom flat high-carbon metal fibers which are manufactured in the USA. High-tensile 1/2" wire fibers are also available depending on application.


The standard dose is 1.5% by volume (5.5% by mix weight). This can be adjusted for specific results.


For specific applications, optional mono-filament PVA fibers are available.


Custom Fibers can be designed.

Mix Design Product and Safety Data sheets


1) Just-Add-Water Mix Design.


2) Can be mixed in standard ready-mix truck.


3) All White Ingredients allowing pigments.


4) Chloride Permeability <88 coulombs.


5) Comes in 40 lb. bags or 1/2 cubic yard sacks.


6) Can be customized for different applications.


7) Comes with  3/4" metal fibers.

8) No Licensing Fees

9) Manufactured in the USA including fibers

10) ASTM compressive averages 25,000 psi

11) No Fiber Balling


Commercial and Industrial


Cladding Panels

Bridge Overlays/Encapsulation

Bridge Joints

Architechural Elements

Caustic Enviorments

Splash Zones

Highly Abrasive Areas

Blast and Impact Areas


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